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Name's Duncan Drayelav. I hear you need help :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 1 8 Time to go WHOLE HOG :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 3 13 This is extraordinarily bad :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 9 8 Gaze upon sheer perfection :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 5 4 I will finish what you started :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 1 5 Alright, how about round two? :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 2 6 You need something? :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 1 2 Spike Spiegel signed by Steve Blum :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 2 9 You gotta be kiddin' me... :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 1 2 Mary Elizabeth McGlynn signed Motoko Kusanagi :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 4 2 You're pissing me off... :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 0 4 Trust me... :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 2 2 Angels that fall from heaven have no choice... :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 0 2 I'm not afraid... :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 3 2 A I have one.. :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 1 2 I'm not going to die... :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 3 2


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Stigande/Demon Tide X-Over: The Wolfen Knight pt18
The squad gathered in Fenris’s room. Having spoken with him about what he needed to return home, Fumiko had brought the full-length mirror from her own room as a permanent part of the furniture, deciding that his need was greater than hers. There weren’t many in the castle, but being a unit commander had its perks. As Shiro’s eyes fell on it, he found himself thinking about how much easier it would have been to show Fenris his Spirit Knight get-up if it had already been there, instead of having to rely on a faint reflection in the window. The unit members were all gathered in a loose group, facing Fenris with the feeling that they were about to lose one of their number. One by one, they stepped forward; even those who had spent less time with him were clearly affected by his departure.
Hayate stepped forward first. Wordlessly, he extended a hand, eyes full of respect and gratitude. Fenris grabbed his hand and clasped his forearm like the tradition back home, his
:iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 3 5
Stigande/Demon Tide X-Over: The Wolfen Knight Pt17
Shiro: What about these?
Shiro held up a pair of leather boots decorated with blue flames and blew off the thick layer of dust that had been coating them. As it filled the air around him, he coughed, covering his mouth with the crook of his elbow.
He and Taisen had been searching the vault for the last twenty minutes, hoping to find a few items in the clothing stores that they could give to the new ally that they had quickly grown very fond of. In the short space of time since they had met, they had gone from almost killing each other (that was how Shiro would tell the story, even if it was a little more one-sided in truth) to standing side by side to face the most dangerous demon that any of them had ever encountered. Without Fenris’s aid, many Spirit Knights would have lost their lives. Both Shiro and Taisen, as well as the rest of their unit, had been glad to hear that Fenris intended to stick around for a few days.
Taisen: Yeah, they’re definitely appropriate.
He grinne
:iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 3 3
Brothers in Arms - Shiro x Fenris :iconlord-naraku:Lord-Naraku 60 59
Mature content
Stigande/Demon Tide X-Over: The Wolfen Knight Pt16 :iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 2 0
I Only Come to This Planet for the Wine :iconpaulhanley:PaulHanley 115 19 HAPPY CHRISTMAS LORD-NARAKU! :iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 6 12 Soulstone Beskyddare :iconlord-naraku:Lord-Naraku 30 23 MMZ- Piercing Light :iconamura-of-jupiter:Amura-Of-Jupiter 60 7 Midnight Bliss Rival Schools MADDOX VS SHOJI UENO :iconjaredjlee:jaredjlee 9 5 Always A Bride :iconmjrahabim:mjrahabim 3 3 The Silurian Doctor :iconpaulhanley:PaulHanley 219 40 Superior Spidey :iconrobduenas:RobDuenas 942 49 Keep Climbing :iconchibi-joey:Chibi-Joey 62 14


Name's Duncan Drayelav. I hear you need help
I keep trying to get myself inspired to pick my book back up and finish it. I've already got 160+ pages typed up featuring Duncan, and I wanna finish it and publish the story. I have always wanted to be a writer, and I love writing so much. I've shown a few friends my manuscript so far, and I've gotten a lot of positive feedback. Hopefully the final product will be good enough to publish! Wish me luck folks.

Duncan Drayelav and all things related belong to me! BenSoulstone 
Time to go WHOLE HOG
After discovering the awesomeness that is the voice actor of Roadhog's live stream / Twitch (Optimus_Slimed), I managed to get a few comments noticed by him and even had small conversations in the stream alongside some Twitter back and forth. I appreciated the good sir taking time to notice some random fan like myself, and decided to draw Roadhog in appreciation. It was tough, and after pencilwork I decided to ink it with a pen and then use a permanent marker to outline it. I also added some color using expo markers, pencil, and a highlighter.

Feel free to leave critiques! Thankfully Mr. Josh Petersdorf liked it, and that's what matters most!

Roadhog and all things related to Overwatch belong to Blizzard!

Artwork by me!
This is extraordinarily bad
I wanted to draw something in honor of Harold Ramis, but I wasn't able to get it done until today. I am quite pleased with this, and hopefully everyone else will be too. Rest In Peace sir, and thanks for creating and being a part of something that shaped my childhood. I wanted to draw him as Egon Spengler because why not.

Egon and all things Ghostbusters belong to their respective creators.
Gaze upon sheer perfection
It's been even a while, my friends. I hope y'all are well. I randomly doodled up and inked this Perfect Cell headshot because I have been playing xenoverse 2 a lot recently. Hopefully it isn't too bad. Feel free to critique!

Cell and all things Dragonball related belong to the respective creators.


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United States
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Hey everybody! How's things? It's been a while, I know. 

So far things are okay in my life, job is a bit frustrating but I'm making it. 

The big thing this journal is about is in the title: I have tried my hand at voice acting! Rather, auditioning. 

See, there's this awesome animated series on Youtube that is going to deal with Doctor Who during The Time War. Here's the link to their page with all the details:…

I tried out for three parts so far: The 8th Doctor, Rassilon and The Master! I emailed my takes (2 a piece) to the people of TARDISArchives, and I hope they enjoy my work. I had fun with it and tried to be entertaining and creative.

Would you like to hear? If so, I posted them on my Sound Cloud account! You can find them here:…

All I ask is that you comment either here or there and let me know what you think. If I sucked, if I was good, what I could do differently. And most of all, enjoy! 

Cross your fingers and hope they pick me for a part or ask me to audition for another part maybe! 
  • Reading: Zombie Fallout 4!
  • Playing: Injustice: Gods Among Us
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Thanks for the llama buddy!
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No problem, my friend! I wanted to do more but I don't have any dang points really.
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That was awesome mate - you didn't have to do more! :) Nice to get a birthday llama!
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I also added you on one of my FB accounts since you're friends with my homie Brody. I'll even add you on my main one too if y'like. Any friend of his is a friend of mine.
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Hey, man! I'm back on DA and wanted to say hi! How've you been?
BenSoulstone Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2016
I've been better honestly. How have you been?
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I guess it depends on my frame of mind when asked. Was feeling great, but this week been tired and my chronic migraines (which I've had for about 3 months) came back, proving the vitamins and meds the doc prescribed didn't help. Anyway, all over, doing great. My wife and I are expecting again and everything is going well for a due date in April or May next year. Ever since the pregnancy and chronic migraines started, I've been having a hard time doing the artwork on Hip Hop for the Empire Comics Lab small-time publishing company (they don't pay me, so I do it in my part-part-part-time, which stinks), but trying to here and there... I guess I don't know when to quit or something, lol. Back at coloring SuperMilo. Maybe I can at least put a trade or two out of the already existing work for that. Eventually. And doing Gospelman series along with Hip Hop (and you know how HH is going), which I left on the back burner for too many years, so we're seeing how that goes. I hope you're doing better since last reply, man! As for me, these migraines aren't nice, but I'm slowly getting used to them as a part of my life now. Gotta stay positive. Ugh. lol
BenSoulstone Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2016
Hope the migraines go away for you, my friend. I'm okay for the most part. My job is draining, and I'm just burned out on teaching. I'm trying to get back to writing, already have 160 pages for a book I'm trying to publish (also have 2 other books I'm working on at the same time, that's just how my inspiration goes: all over the place, ha!)
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Hope you have a great day!
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YO! Don't suppose you remember me from years and years ago? :P I was just seeing whether anyone I used to talk to is still active on dA...

Hope you've been well in the past while! :D
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