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Vengeance will be mine! by BenSoulstone
Vengeance will be mine!
Scorpion is one of the coolest fighting game characters ever, and when I saw his look for the upcoming Mortal Kombat X, I wanted to try and sketch it. Took about 10-15 minutes, and I added a little more after taking this snap shot, but I felt it was an alright enough bust shot to post.


Scorpion and all things Mortal Kombat belongs to Netherrealm Studios!

Drawing by me!
I'm running out of patience... by BenSoulstone
I'm running out of patience...
...You're running out of people. Let's see what runs out first!"

The other day I felt like relieving some stress, and I wanted to try to do a sketch of The Penguin from Batman. Batman's rogues gallery is one of my faves, and you can't not enjoy Oswald Cobblepot. I may try a full body piece in the future, this was just seeing what I could do in about 10 minutes.


The Penguin and all things Batman belong to DC Comics!
Drawing by me!

P.S. Ignore the partial face. I was using one piece of paper for a few sketches. I tried to crop it out of the drawing but it didn't work out.
"My father taught me many things. He taught me how to take care of myself, to be sufficient even in the toughest of times. He taught me that there is more to this existence than what we see everyday.

The world of man is occupied by plenty of other folks that are far s I have from human. There are dark creatures in this world, although I have learned your origin does not always define you. The actions and choices you take help determine who you become.

Sometimes, the ones that are meant to be on the side of good turn out to be just as bad as the bad guys. Sometimes worse. Case in point, some of the 'higher ups' don't care for me or my methods. I didn't think they cared about demons. They sure didn't care when my father and I cut through a literal covenant of vampires. They sure didn't lend a hand when my father was possessed and had to kill himself to stop a demon.

Suddenly, because I let a few of the so called 'demons' that I knew that were not evil live, the 'angels' decided to voice their opinions. I used to think like them, especially after losing my mother at four years old. I have few memories of her, but they're mostly happy. Then I lost my father fourteen years later. So by eighteen, I was without my family, so I lashed out.

I wanted revenge.
I wanted justice.
I wanted blood.

So I took any job hunting from the boring to the suicidal. I wanted them all to pay for taking my parents away from me. The money wasn't even important; my father's family has a long history of hunting and he knew how to gather resources, so I wasn't poor. Safe houses, weapons, vehicles. Whatever I needed was there just scattered across the states.

Sadly, all the resources in the world and finest training never truly prepares you for what you'll face fighting the abnormal and strange. As I write this, I am about to face an overwhelming situation. Despite my experience, I don't think I can face this or survive it. So I'm writing this all down just in case.

Fayth...I wish you were here. Sadly you aren't, and I gotta face this alone. If you're reading this, I'm sorry I didn't get to tell you how I felt about you. How I've always felt about you. I've loved you for so long, and I wish I would of had the courage to tell you before all of this happened. Sadly, it's personal...I mean, I don't want you seeing me this way, or seeing them like they are.

It's still hard to accept that my parents are alive. Even worse? That I will have to kill them. If I make it out of this, I will come find you and we will have a nice long chat where I'll express my feelings. I know you're going through some things your way, and we've got some catching up to do.

Alright, I'm heading out. Wish me luck, and pray I don't get myself killed. I'd rather not have Braum deliver this to you.


Duncan Drayelav"
Teaser for Next Duncan Drayelav Story!
I know I haven't finished "Werewolves in Texas", but I had this idea for another story featuring my demon hunting character! I hope ya like the teaser. Feel free to give feedback. It's set during the middle of the story, hoping to capture your attention as you read!

Duncan is my character, and thus I own him! :iconbensoulstone:

Fayth belongs to the lovely lady so dear to my heart, :iconveildissendium: !
Red X signed by Scott Menville!!! by BenSoulstone
Red X signed by Scott Menville!!!
As well as meeting Greg Cipes, I got to meet Scott Menville and showed him this. He was blown away, said I had some mad art skills, and was so nice and awesome. Nerded out with me for a few minutes. He thought it was cool especially since he didn't sign a lot of Red X stuff. This is my first time drawing him, and I'm fairly pleased.

Feel free to tell me what y'all think please!

Red X and all things related belong to DC
Mikey signed by Greg Cipes!! by BenSoulstone
Mikey signed by Greg Cipes!!
I managed to go to MechaCon X down in New Orleans, and meet the Teen Titans cast! Greg Cipes was the first I met, and he loved this Mikey drawing I did. He signed it upside down by accident, I probably handed it to him that way like a moron. I also told him I thought he was the best Mikey since Townsend Coleman, and he smiled and thanked me for that. Even let me take a pic with him!

The signature says "BOOYAKASHA!" along with his name. He was so cool. :D

Feel free to comment, please! I love feedback. I'd like to know what y'all think of this first time drawing Mikey!

Michelangelo and all things TMNT belong to their respective creators.

Drawing by me!


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United States
Favourite genre of music: Just about everything.
Favourite photographer: Peter Parker and Dr. Ray Stantz
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Hey everybody! How's things? It's been a while, I know. 

So far things are okay in my life, job is a bit frustrating but I'm making it. 

The big thing this journal is about is in the title: I have tried my hand at voice acting! Rather, auditioning. 

See, there's this awesome animated series on Youtube that is going to deal with Doctor Who during The Time War. Here's the link to their page with all the details:…

I tried out for three parts so far: The 8th Doctor, Rassilon and The Master! I emailed my takes (2 a piece) to the people of TARDISArchives, and I hope they enjoy my work. I had fun with it and tried to be entertaining and creative.

Would you like to hear? If so, I posted them on my Sound Cloud account! You can find them here:…

All I ask is that you comment either here or there and let me know what you think. If I sucked, if I was good, what I could do differently. And most of all, enjoy! 

Cross your fingers and hope they pick me for a part or ask me to audition for another part maybe! 
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